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Along with the thousands of hours of video footage that will be available via YouTube in the coming months, here we will highlight new and old audio recordings. Some of them will be highlights from speeches, interviews, and audiobooks. Others will be clips that were never used or have never been heard. We hope these rare recordings inspire you to live life more intentionally. 

The Rhythm of Life (Part 1)Matthew Kelly
00:00 / 34:52
7 Levels of Intimacy (Prologue - Chapter 1)Matthew Kelly
00:00 / 31:44
Building Better Families (Prologue - Chapter 1)Matthew Kelly
00:00 / 32:51
Perfectly Yourself (Prologue - Chapter 3)Matthew Kelly
00:00 / 34:57
Rediscover Jesus (Prologue - Chapter 3)Matthew Kelly
00:00 / 20:59
Resisting Happiness (Chapter 1 - 3)Matthew Kelly
00:00 / 22:26
The Culture Solution (Introduction – Chapter 1)Matthew Kelly
00:00 / 1:03:53
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