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How excited are you to answer the question: what do you do for a living?


Nearly 70% of Americans are disengaged at work and nearly a quarter of the men and women in the workforce actively hate their jobs. This is a serious problem and if you find yourself experiencing professional dissatisfaction or are considering settling for a job then I invite you to pause, take a step back, and ask yourself a simple question: 


What could you do for a living that would lead to your flourishing? 


The answer might be one of the incredible opportunities below. If you feel that one of these open roles aligns with your passions and talents, then I encourage you to apply today. But maybe none of these roles are the answer for you. That’s ok. Either way, my hope for you is that you take the next right step in turning your dream role into a beautiful reality. 


May God bless you and those you love with meaningful work.  


Matthew Kelly 

Full Time
Blue Sparrow

Social Media Coordinator • Greater Cincinnati Area • Learn more!


Ecommerce Developer • Greater Cincinnati Area • Learn more!

Major Gift Officer • Greater Cincinnati Area • Learn more!

NetSuite Systems Analyst • Greater Cincinnati Area • Learn more!

Videographer • Greater Cincinnati Area • Learn more!​


Business & Life Coach • North Palm Beach, FL • Learn more

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