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Are You Ready to Read About Improving Your Life? You’ll Love Matthew Kelly, an Author and New York Times Best Seller

Matthew Kelly is an author and New York Times Best Seller who was born in Sydney, Australia. He started to speak at an early age, writing and speaking in his late teens while attending business school. His speeches and writings have captivated audiences, and he has now had over 5 million people come to his seminars and presentations in over 50 countries.

Kelly is an internationally acclaimed speaker, business consultant and author. As a writer, the books he has authored have been translated into over 25 different languages. They’ve been on the New York Times Best Seller list, promoted in the Wall Street Journal and on the USA Today bestsellers lists. Kelly has sold over 40 million copies, so if you think these books seem familiar, that’s why!

You may also know Kelly as the founder of Floyd Consulting, which is a Florida-based management/consulting firm. He was the founder of a Cincinnati-based nonprofit organization and has long been developing the idea of being the “best version of yourself.” He’s been sharing this concept in every arena for over 25 years. His work is quoted by professionals in every field, from presidents to athletes.

In 2020, Kelly released his latest book, Amazing Possibilities – 365 Days of Inspiration. This book is about the world and its unlimited possibilities that all people have the potential to tap into. We don’t see all the possibilities that are open to us when we focus on those that we believe are our only options. This book explains how to overcome those self-imposed limitations.

Other 2020 releases include I Heard God Laugh, Writers Inspiring Writers, and Coach. You can see them all on the website now if you’d like to make a purchase.

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