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Are You Ready to Learn from a Business Coach? Matthew Kelly Is a Keynote Speaker Who Can Speak At Your Business Engagements

There is something helpful about working with a business coach. They use their experience and consulting skills to improve your business and help you avoid making common mistakes that other businesses may make when they’re new. Sometimes, having a keynote speaker come to speak with your staff or clients is a good way to encourage better behavior and interactions in the workplace. If you’re interested in having someone inspirational speak with your team, then it’s time to reach out to Matthew Kelly. Matthew Kelly is a New York Times best-selling author and inspirational speaker who hails from Australia. He is internationally acclaimed and has been working as a speaker, business consultant and author since he was young. You may be familiar with his work, since he has sold over 40 million copies of his books worldwide. They’ve been translated into 25 different languages.

In business, he founded Floyd Consulting, a Florida-based management and consulting firm. His key topic is to, “be the best version of yourself,” which he has expanded into his speeches and presentations. You have probably heard this term before, because many people, from presidents to professional athletes, have used the phrasing after reading Matthew Kelly’s books or seeing him in person.

As a business coach, he’s able to help your business encourage better communication and work ethic. He has several books available now that you may be interested in reading, which are listed under the “books” tab on his website.

As a keynote speaker, Matthew Kelly can be hired to come to your business and speak. For speaking engagements, you can reach out to him and inquire about his availability. Reach out at for speaking invitations or for media inquiries.

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