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A Story of Tragedy,
Meaning, and Wisdom
for All Seasons

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Introducing Matthew Kelly's First Novel

There is nothing quite like a great story. It can awaken your soul to the infinite possibilities God yearns to share with you. And The Rocking Chair Prophet is such a story. Through the mysterious transformation of an ordinary man named Daniel, Matthew Kelly weaves an epic tapestry of meaning and wisdom for every season of life.


Listening to that voice is the difference between happiness and misery, wonderful memories and heartrending regrets. The Rocking Chair Prophet is a transformational story about reclaiming that voice and the unmitigated joy that comes from following it. It will invite you to rediscover the flourish like never before.

There Is A Voice
Within You

I have read all of Kelly’s books and this novel brings his writings’ wisdom together in a collection of pages that offer only answers to life’s most important questions. It’s like, compacting all of the amazing books, that are on my bookshelf, into a hand-held manual for life.


What an amazing novel. It touched my heart in so many ways, on so many levels. I cried cleansing tears and highly recommend everyone to read this book. Thank you, Matthew, for your thoughtful portrayal of life. 


I read the book in a day in a half and that’s only best of duty interruptions. I didn’t want to put the book down. It was written so beautifully and I felt every emotion. There were parts of the book I read over and over because it was so profound and beautiful I wanted them to stay with me. I loved it!



Why A Novel and Why Now?

Stories are remarkable. They cut through the confusion of our lives and they soften our hearts to receive the truth. It is my great hope that this story has the power to reach the countless men and women who have become lost in our broken culture and awaken their souls to the infinite possibilities that God yearns to share with them. 

I cannot remember the last time I was this excited to share a book with the world.

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