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Difficult Teachings

Jesus spoke to the people in beautiful parables and beatitudes to encourage and comfort but every teaching challenged every listener.


What’s the hardest part about following Jesus? What teaching do you find particularly hard to live?


Explore 40 of Jesus’ most difficult teachings with Matthew Kelly. Here’s a sampling: Love Your Enemies. Do Not Worry. Do Not Be Afraid. The Narrow Path. Deny Yourself. Hell is Real. The Paradoxical Path. Sell What You Own. I Am the Way. What You Do for the Least.


In a world that is confused about just about everything, the clarity of the Gospel is needed more than ever before. We are all being called to live the Gospel more fully than ever before.

The Book

Difficult Teachings Journal

Download the free e-journal to accompany you on your journey through Difficult Teachings.

It is filled with inspiring quotes and thought-provoking questions that allow you to delve deeper into Jesus' teachings.

The Journal
Video Series

The Video Series

We are delighted to make the Difficult Teachings video series available to everyone, everywhere, for free. The book is a great resource, but with or without it, this series of videos will have a profound impact on your life. The forty videos focus on the forty biggest wisdom-insights from in the book. They follow the book from start to finish, if you are looking to delve further into one of the topics covered in the videos. Start watching today and share them with everyone you know.









































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About the Author

Matthew Kelly was born in Sydney, Australia. He has dedicated his life to helping people and organizations become the-best-version-of-themselves. Kelly is a New York Times bestselling author, an internationally acclaimed speaker, and a business consultant to some of the world’s largest and most admired companies. He is the author of more than thirty books, which have sold more than fifty million copies and have been published in more than thirty languages.


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About the Author

New York Times Bestselling Author

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