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16 Scientifically Proven Ways Generosity is Good for You

There are so many ways generosity is good for you. Over the past 25 years, there have been hundreds of studies into the effects of giving and generosity, and yet, in many ways they seem to simply affirm what we already knew intuitively or from experience. Here are sixteen ways generosity is good for you:

Generosity improves your physical health.

It improves your mood.

Generous people live longer.

It evokes gratitude and contentment.

It enhances our awareness of the meaning and purpose of life.

Generous people have better relationships. It makes us happy.

It transforms the way we feel about ourselves.

Generous people tend to have more friends.

It stimulates a more positive outlook on life.

It has a mysterious way of rewarding you tenfold.

Generosity leads to higher self-esteem, greater life satisfaction, better mental health, lower blood pressure, decreased stress, and the list literally goes on and on.

So don’t just be yourself, be the most generous version of yourself!

Matthew Kelly

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