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7 Questions to Ask Before This Year Gets Away from You

People spend a lot of time thinking about the year ahead between Christmas and New Years’ Eve each year, and the fruit of this is often new plans and New Years’ resolutions. Critics often focus on the fact that most New Years’ resolutions don’t last more than a month. But I think they are missing something.

What people get out of a few days and probably just a few hours of reflection towards the end of the years is actually significant. We just need a few more of those reflection hours throughout the year to fine tune our plans and sustain our resolutions.

So, at this point of the year, I present seven questions for you to spend some time reflection upon before this year gets away from you.

1. Who and what are you most grateful for so far this this?

2. What have you accomplished so far this year?

3. What have been your biggest distractions?

4. What personal quality is most preventing you from accomplishing what you yearn to accomplish and becoming the person you yearn to be?

5. Whom have you helped more than anybody else this year?

6. What is taking up your time, effort, and mental energy that needs to be firmly placed on your NOT TO DO list?

7. What truth are you refusing to face in your life?

There is still plenty of year left to start a business, write a book, marry the one you love, and watch more sunsets. But as Napoleon observed, “Those who fail to plan can plan to fail.”

You can find these questions in written form in the description before or on my blog at

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