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Baseball's Greatest Lesson

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The greatest lesson baseball teaches us is how to fail. It may sound insane at first, but just as failure is an indispensable part of what made Albert Einstein a genius and Thomas Edison a genius, failure is part of baseball’s genius too.

One of life’s greatest lessons is that failure is a part of any great achievement.

Baseball teaches us more about failure than any other sport. With a batting average of .350 you are the best in the world. That means the best in the world fail sixty-five percent of the time.

While he was the Commissioner of Baseball, Fay Vincent described it perfectly when he said, “Baseball teaches us how to deal with failure. We learn at a very young age that failure is the norm in baseball and, precisely because we have failed, we hold in high regard those who fail less often—those who hit safely in one out of three chances and become star players. I also find it fascinating that baseball, alone in sport, considers errors to be a part of the game, part of its rigorous truth.”

Powerful insights. Failure is part of success. Mistakes are part of life.

Matthew Kelly

Watch the video!

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