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Be Patient with Yourself

Our life of faith naturally breeds within us the virtue

of patience. The energy and time of unbelievers are

spent trying to get in control and stay in control of the

emotional and material circumstances of their lives.

Men and women of faith struggle rather to surrender

to and trust in God and His providence. This surrender

and trust free Christians of worry and anxiety and

allow them to focus their energy on the realities of the

present moment.

Patience is the ability to endure prevailing circumstances.

Our practice of patience needs to extend to our -

selves, our God, other people, and external situations.

We should develop the ability to be patient with our -

selves by not placing unreasonable expectations on

our selves and by being realistic about our abilities.

Our patience should also be exercised in our relationship

with God as we wait for Him to unfold His plan

for us.

Matthew Kelly

From A Call to Joy

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