Amazing Possibilities!

Billy Joel's Lesson On Dreaming Big

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At different times in our lives, we all need a new perspective.

In the late 1960s, there was a young man who had a dream of becoming a famous musician. He knew exactly what he wanted, so he left high school and began to play his music wherever people would listen. But as a high school dropout and with little experience, he found it difficult to get work as a musician.

Before too long he found himself playing in small, dirty clubs and bars. Sharing his gift with a handful of drunks night after night became a discouraging habit. This was not his dream. He had dreamt of playing to sellout crowds across America and around the world. He had dreamed of seeing his name in lights, of walking down the street and being stopped for autographs, and having his albums in every music store. He even dreamed one day he would play to a packed baseball stadium—an absurd thought in the 1960s.

He had stumbled upon difficult times. Financially he was broke, professionally he was failing, and his only joy in life was the support of his girlfriend. They had so little money that they would sleep in Laundromats to save the expense of a hotel. But one day she got sick of life on the road. This gypsy lifestyle was not her dream, either. She had dreamed of being married to a famous musician. It was not the life she had imagined, so she left him.

With his only joy in life gone, he decided to commit s