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Amazing Possibilities!

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Calling Teachers and Parents!

Our children are back in school and this year more than ever that presents unique challenges. Parents, teachers, and students are anxious about what this year will hold. But let's not let that distract us from helping every student in every classroom become the best-version-of-himself or herself. Teachers, parents, and grandparents each play a unique role in this. We love the idea of helping the children in our lives be and become their best… but we all need tools.

Last week I was re-reading Jon Gordon’s One Word for Kids. It poses the question: If you could choose only one word to help you have your best year ever, what would it be?

The truth is, most people don’t believe it is possible that this could be the best school year ever. But it can be. In unexpected ways this year will stretch our creativity and innovation, and provide opportunities and possibilities that are new and unique. It’s time to open ourselves up to those possibilities. 

We don't see most of the possibilities that exist in our lives, but our children need us to open ourselves up to new possibilities more than ever before. What will your one word be? Mine is: possibilities. 

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