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Character is the Answer

If we are sincere about wanting to improve ourselves and the world

we live in, do we know what will bring about this progress? Do we

really believe that money and an ever-increasing economic standard

of living will solve our problems or bring us happiness? Can

politics negotiate the change we so desire for our lives and our


There are probably many things that can bring about the progress

we desire, but the approach I find most compelling is the one

suggested by Occam’s razor: that we allow the simplest answer to

guide us. What is the simplest solution to the problems we face?

What factor will most affect the change we desire? What is the one

thing that can most bring about genuine progress in our lives and in

society at large?

The answer is character. Character will affect your future more

than any other single ingredient. Character is the best preparation

for every scenario. Character is the best investment you can make

in your future and the future of humanity. Character is the simple

answer, but it would be a mistake to confuse simple with easy.

Matthew Kelly

From Perfectly Yourself

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