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Creating A Dynamic Culture

The first mistake we make when it comes to creating a Dynamic Culture is we don’t believe it is possible. There are very few organizations with really fabulous cultures out there, and the number one reason is because most organizations don’t actually believe establishing a Dynamic Culture is possible. This is primarily because most people have no idea where to start when it comes to building a world-class organizational culture.

The second mistake most people make when it comes to establishing a vibrant culture at work is believing we can’t do anything about it personally. Everyone has a role to play in creating a Dynamic Culture. It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, an executive, a team leader, or an individual contributor who works alone in a scary dark basement in the recesses of the corporate headquarters—you can and should be a Culture Advocate.

Sooner or later, every single person in any organization personally decides to advocate or abdicate culture. Advocate or abdicate? You decide. But please, if you decide to abdicate all responsibility for building a great culture, don’t complain about the culture. Nobody likes people who complain about things but are not willing to help fix them. Don’t abdicate your cultural power or responsibility, and however small, start doing something amazing today.

Culture advocacy isn’t just a leadership thing. You don’t have to be the CEO to be a Culture Advocate. In fact, you don’t need to be a leader of any type—though you have a better chance of becoming CEO someday if you are a Culture Advocate. But whatever your role, in your own way, in your own place, in your own time, you can be a Culture Advocate, and becoming one will significantly increase your fulfillment and engagement at work, transform the trajectory of your career, and change the story of your life.

Matthew Kelly

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