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A Chance for True Greatness

Since my teenage years, I have been fascinated with famous and

extraordinary people—great achievers in all walks of life. I love to

watch them being interviewed. I love to watch footage of their

day-to-day lives. One thing that has always struck me, and I do not

consider it in the slightest way to be coincidental, is that great men

and women always believed that they were destined to be great.

From this day on, begin to foster a belief that you were born for a

reason, and although you may not have yet discovered the specifics

of that reason, you are being prepared to fulfill it in every moment.

In general terms, you know that your essential purpose is to

grow, change, develop, and become the-best-version-of-yourself.

The details are simply that, the details. It is this process of growth

that makes life interesting, exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling.

Dedication to this process of growth is greatness. Greatness should

never be confused with fame, fortune, status, or power. These are

only passing illusions. Greatness is to become more fully your self

with each passing day.

A chance for greatness awaits you—your own chance at greatness—

and it will involve the unique and providential blend of

your needs, talents, and desires. The pursuit of your chance at

greatness will reveal you to your family, friends, colleagues, spouse,

children, and everyone who crosses your path. It is the attuning of

your personality. Life is a revelation of self. Life is an unfolding

story. Your life is your story. Life is a gift to you and for you—and

yet, in a paradoxical but complementary way, it is also your chance

to serve your neighbor, to touch and enrich the lives of others, and

to make a difference in this sometimes weary world. This is the

mystery of God—to lead you toward your perfection and fulfillment,

while at the same time using your journey to lead others toward

their perfection and fulfillment.

Matthew Kelly

From The Rhythm of Life

Click Here to get your copy.

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