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Don't Wait Till There's A Problem

In the past, politicians would speak to the people of their

nations about building a great society. The speeches of

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and Winston

Churchill are filled with descriptions of what constitutes a

great society and how they wanted to lead their nations in

the building of the great societies they envisioned. Each lived

in a different time, and yet each urged their people to

reach farther.

Today we talk much more about preserving our great societies.

The underlying assumption, of course, is that we have

great societies to preserve. It is that assumption that I think

we need to question. If the assumption is true, then it will

hold up to our questioning. If the assumption is false, then

we will all be better off for being ushered into the light of

truth however harsh that light may be. Then, armed with this

new knowledge, we will be awakened to the task that is before us.

I do not doubt that we have made advances in the past

hundred years in the areas of science, technology, and finance.

These advances have been incredible. However, if we

consider what our children have to face every day at school,

in society, and in many cases at home, I think a cloud of

doubt begins to gather over our great society assumption.

Surely, a truly great society would not submit their children

to so many of the situations and circumstances our children

face on a daily basis?

The danger here is that while we are all eating, drinking,

and being merry in the shadow of such a false assumption,

nobody is out working to make what we have falsely assumed

to be real, a reality. It isn’t until someone stands up

and says “We have a problem!” that the great minds of our

generation will begin seeking out and implementing the solution.

Matthew Kelly

From Building Better Families

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