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Feel Like Something Is Missing?

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Do you ever get the sense, the feeling that something is missing? And when you get that feeling that something is missing, do you think of that as a good thing, or as a bad thing?

Most people think of it as a problem they have to fix, they think, “Something’s wrong, and I need to fix it.” It’s not true. Something is right, something is very very right. When you have the sense that something is missing, the best part of you, the core of your being is sending you a message.

Listen to that message, go with that message. Don’t try to fix it, don’t try to rush it out of the way, don’t try to avoid it or pretend it’s not there, if you’ve got the sense that something is missing, you, the deepest part of your being, is absolutely and 100% right.

Go on a journey. What do you need on the journey? You need patience, you need silence, clarity emerges from silence. You need space. If you want something new to come into your life, there has to be room in your life for that new thing, that new person, that new experience, that new adventure. So declutter your life a little bit, make some room in your life for whatever wonderful things, people, experiences, adventures want to come and live in your life.

If you’ve got the sense that something is missing in your life, I’m incredibly excited for you, because that means something wonderful is about to happen.

Matthew Kelly

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