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For Men Only: You Have the Heart of a Lion

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You have the heart of the lion. When you are living from your heart your life is infused with power and passion and purpose. So don’t be content to live like a mouse, or a sheep, or a dog.

The lionhearted follow their hearts, not the crowd.

The heart of a lion is full of direction and purpose.

The heart of a lion is not swayed by the approval or disapproval of peers. A lion knows himself and lives in his strength.

The heart of a lion is brave. It is filled with courage. Not the courage to do foolish things for selfish reasons, but the courage to do what needs to be done to fulfill his duties and responsibilities.

The heart of a lion is protective. He is ever vigilant for those in his care.

The lionhearted are encouraging.

The heart of a lion is full of emotion. The lionhearted are able to name their emotions and express them appropriately. They are tender with their lover and children, but can access rage if a partner or child is threatened.

The heart of a lion is a hunter. A lion wakes early to hunt for food to take care of his family, but the lionhearted also hunt down their dreams.

The heart of a lion is confident and capable, without being aggressive. The mere presence of a lion commands respect.

The heart of a lion doesn’t make excuses or quit at the first obstacle.

The lionhearted are willing to fight. Not for sport or ego, but out of necessity. They fight for their children, spouse, family, career, community and dreams. The heart of a lion honors the soul of the women in his life.

The heart of a lion is wholehearted. There are no half measures.

When was the last time you did something wholeheartedly? When was the last time you gave your whole effort to something? What would happen if you gave yourself whole-heartedly to your marriage, family, health, career? Which area of your life is desperately in need of your wholehearted attention?

The heart of a lion is not afraid to chase a dream, even late in life. Do you see yourself as a lion or a mouse? Change the image you hold of yourself in your mind, and everything will change. It is time to remake your life with the heart of a lion. It’s time to awaken the lion within you.

Matthew Kelly

Watch the video!

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