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For Women Only: You Have The Heart of a Lioness

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You have the heart of the lioness. When you are living in tune with your lioness heart you are beautiful, wise, supportive, fierce, loyal, independent, playful, strong, intuitive, brave, agile, bold, determined, creative and aware. This is the woman in you. You may never have met her, but she is in there and she is infinitely lovable.

Our culture heaps insecurity and shame on women and weighs you down with expectations and judgement. Dehumanization and objectification are disorienting. But it’s time to throw all that off, reestablish your true north, and embrace your unique possibilities.

The incessant objectification and insidious shaming of women may have buried your lioness heart. You may have been separated from your beauty and wisdom, but it’s time to change all that.

The heart of a lioness is noble. It’s time to embrace your nobility.

Don’t believe what others say about you. Silence the inner critic that has been sabotaging you for years. Celebrating your lioness heart begins with what you know and believe about yourself.

Don’t follow the crowd, follow your heart. You have the strong, noble, intuitive, and wise heart of a lioness. Get in touch with your heart like never before. It knows what is best for you. Locate your gift and use it to make this world a better place.

Step boldly toward your future.

Seek out inspiration. Surround yourself with positivity. Cast far from you any toxic negativity that tries to enter your sacred domain of your life.

Require more of yourself and more of everyone else in your life.

Honor your soul and resolve that anyone who does not honor your soul is too small for you. When doubt and fear come to visit, as they inevitably will, remember, you are not your past and you are not what has happened to you. From this moment on, focus on the incredible women you are becoming.

The lioness in you is infinitely lovable.

Matthew Kelly

Watch the video!

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