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Great Leaders are Trustworthy

Having the right vision endears people to trust you. Demonstrating

good decision-making skills endears people to trust

you. Leading by example endears people to trust you. But

can you be trusted? Every relationship revolves around this


When you take your thirteen-year-old to an event and

there is a special price for children twelve and under, what

do you do? Many people tell their children to say they are

twelve. My older brothers used to tell me to do that. You

may save a few dollars, but what is the real cost? You are

teaching your children that it is okay to lie sometimes. You

are teaching them how to lie and desensitizing them to the

division we create within ourselves by lying. You are communicating

to them that you are a liar and are essentially teaching

them to lie to you in the not too distant future.

Your word is your oath. If what you say cannot be trusted,

you completely undermine your ability to lead. It is hard

enough to lead people who trust you, never mind trying to

lead those who are always second-guessing you because they

are trying to work out if you are being honest.

Great leaders understand the power of truth. They celebrate

the truth, even when that involves tough decisions and

the loss of popularity. In the long term, nothing serves a

leader like the truth. To a certain extent, you can lose trust

through lack of vision, by being indecisive, or by being unwilling

to lead by example. But the leader whose word cannot

be trusted quickly becomes disabled.

Matthew Kelly

From Building Better Families

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