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Great Leaders Lead by Example

There is nothing more powerful than authenticity. It has always

been true, but particularly in our day and age where

nothing and no one seem to be what they appear to be.

Young people especially have incredible instincts when it

comes to sniffing out the authentic. Great leaders don’t lead

with words, they lead with action.

Example trumps all else when it comes to leadership.

Being willing to get in and do what you are asking others

to do will always be respected by those you are trying to

lead. There is no point telling a child not to smoke if you are

a smoker. It doesn’t matter how good your motives are. It

doesn’t matter how grand your vision is or how good you are

at communicating that vision. How does the old saying go?

What you do screams so loudly that I cannot hear what you


If you want to convince your child to eat nourishing foods

and exercise regularly, it is not enough simply to tell them to

do it. It is not enough to tell them that it will help them become

the-best-version-of-themselves. It is a grand vision, but

visions are empty without example. It is not enough to explain

that they will be healthier and happier. What is needed

is a leader who eats foods that are nourishing, exercises regularly,

and is clearly healthier and happier because of it.

Children will gladly follow where you are willing to lead

them yourself. They become skeptical and questioning of

those who simply stand still and point them down a path.

Matthew Kelly

From Building Better Families

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