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Harness the Power of Your Legitimate Needs

Once we learn to understand the language of our legitimate

needs and our deepest desires, we can begin to harness their power

in our everyday lives to increase our energy, vitality, and love for


If we make a point of observing ourselves in different situations,

little by little, we will become more aware of the people,

places, and activities that invigorate us and those that drain our energy

and destroy our passion for life.

Our desire for food, exercise, sleep, relationship, study, and

quiet times of prayer and reflection are all responses to our legitimate

needs for the people, places, and activities that work together

to make us whole. Our deepest desires lead us to the satisfaction of

our legitimate needs, which in turn produces health and harmony

within us. All this is part of the divine engineering set in motion

within you to assist you in the fulfillment of your essential purpose.

Our desires and needs are very closely linked. We desire deeply

because we need deeply. The careful matching of our deepest desires

and our legitimate needs requires and demands careful discernment.

Your health and your happiness depend almost entirely

on the development of this ability.

There is a profound and providential connection between our

needs and our desires. To ignore our needs and desires, and their

relationship to each other, is to ignore our very self. Your body,

heart, mind, and spirit all yearn for you to be healthy in every sense

of the word. They collaborate with one end in mind, that you may

become the- best- version- of- yourself.

Matthew Kelly

From The Rhythm of Life

Click Here to get your copy.

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