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Have You Lost the Rhythm of Life?

There is a natural rhythm to life. Every element of creation has its own unique rhythm. The seasons have their cycles—the darkness, death, and cold of winter give way to the warmth, joy, and new life of springtime. The universe finds rhythm through time. The darkness gives birth to the light of a new day as the sun rises in the east, and then, at the end of each day, the sunset surrenders us to rest. The waves crash on the beaches and the tides rise and fall, attuned to a rhythm. The whole process of growth, development, and fruition of plants—photosynthesis—is centered on a rhythm. Our hearts beat to a rhythm, pumping our very lifeblood around our bodies. And particularly, rhythm is the key to the powerful role a woman’s body plays in reproduction. The rhythm brings forth life. Creation is ordered by rhythm. Rhythm is important.

All the elements of nature were created in harmony. As I ponder the mysterious realities of nature, they remind me of a greater overall plan. I can then appreciate the harmonious workings of the universe as one whole, despite the apparent chaos. I find comfort in

the rhythm and harmony of nature. In nature, despite its complexity and vastness, there is rhythm, and the rhythm creates harmony. If we can discover the rhythm of our own lives, that rhythm will in turn create a harmony and balance that will give birth to a deep and abiding peace. And it is that peace, the fruit of harmony, that allows the highest levels of effective and abundant living.

Perhaps you have heard of the king of ancient times who, so inflated with pride, thought he could hold back the tide simply by commanding it to do so. After all, the tides were part of “his kingdom” and therefore subject to his rule. Late one night, the king gave orders for his throne to be placed at the water’s edge during low tide. Early the next morning, the king went to the beach and sat on his throne. Just before sunrise, the people of his kingdom began to crowd the beach. As the sun came up, so did the tide. The king commanded the tide to recede, but his command was ignored. Not willing to have his reputation damaged, the king drowned commanding the tide to recede.

You cannot hold back the tide. Nature has an unmatched strength and persistence. Wisdom is harnessing the strength of our own better nature by working with it. We do this by discovering and adopting the rhythm of life. If only we could develop an understanding of our nature as human beings and harness the power of that nature by working with its strength. It is then that unimaginable achievements would be recognized in our lives.

What great lessons can nature teach us about ourselves? Nature whispers messages to us each and every day: “Great things are achieved little by little. Discover the rhythm of life and align your life with this rhythm. The more you do, the more you will enjoy peace and prosperity.”

The truth of this message is displayed all around us in thousands of ways every day. The waves roll onto the shore, washing against the rocks, and erosion occurs. You do not see it with the first wave or with the second or third, but over the years you realize that slowly and steadily the waves are wearing the rock down. Who would think of water as stronger than rock? Persistence has strength.

The rhythm of life is a powerful thing.

Matthew Kelly

From The Rhythm of Life

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