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How to Become a Great Decision Maker

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There are lots of life skills that can enrich our lives. Communication, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, leadership, adaptability, and the list goes on and on. But there is one life skill that is more important than all the rest. One life skill that will have the most impact on every aspect of your life: decision making.

Improve your decision-making skills and you will improve your life, relationships, health, personal finances, career, and every other area of your life. Decide today to become a phenomenal decision maker. It will change your life forever.

How? Here are 5 ways to become a better decision maker:

1. Take your time. Don’t rush a decision, especially if it is a big one.

2. Be honest with yourself. Try to look objectively at the pros and cons. We are experts at deceiving ourselves, especially when we really want something. But desire creates blind spots.

3. Consider your options through the lens of your values and priorities. Will you be turning your back on the-best-version-of-yourself?

4. What are you missing? In most situations we don’t see most of our options.

5. Study decision making. Read books about it, ask people how they make decisions, and observe your own process.

Invest in yourself by improving your decision-making skills. Becoming a phenomenal decision maker is the ultimate life-skill.

Matthew Kelly

Watch the video!

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