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How to Become a More Interesting Person

“I don’t feel very interesting!” someone said to me the other day and I was fascinated with the comment. And I started wondering, “How does someone become a more interesting person?” This in turn got me thinking about the most interesting people I know.

I’m not very good at small talk and social situations make me a little anxious. But I love a great conversation. The question that has served me best over the years is, “What are you reading at the moment?” Many of the best conversations I’ve ever had started with a discussion about a book someone was reading.

But more and more I find that people don’t read books, so I have a second question now, “What’s your favorite podcast?” And this question has also given birth to some amazing conversations.

The most interesting people I know are readers. Or they listen to podcasts. Or both. They are always learning. That’s what differentiates them.

So, if you want to become a more interesting person, get interested. Ignite your curiosity. Read books and listen to podcasts. And if you want to have some great conversations ask people, “What are you reading at the moment?” or “What’s your favorite podcast?”

Matthew Kelly

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