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How to Detox Emotionally

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They accept that everyone experiences stress, fear, anxiety, and depressed at times in their lives. They don’t see these as human malfunctions, but as highly tuned systems designed to help the human person avoid danger, get back on track, and thrive.

When they meet someone they don’t like, they explore what it is about that person that makes them uncomfortable, and how that encounter might be challenging them to grow.

They have a healthy sense of self. They know who they are and who they are not, and they don’t let other people determine their self-worth.

Emotionally healthy people understand that people come into their lives for reasons and seasons. Just because you were best friends once, doesn’t mean you need to be best friends forever. Reasons and seasons.

They believe in the best of their humanity. They know in each moment they can choose to love, be generous, show compassion, and make a difference. They let the best of their humanity shine bright and often.

It is easy to neglect our emotional health, but the symptoms are unavoidable. They will emerge in every aspect of our lives and every relationship. Make your emotional health a priority by focusing on these 15 attributes, and you will develop a stronger sense of self and healthier relationships.

Matthew Kelly

Watch the video!

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