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How to Set Boundaries

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They set boundaries by saying no. They are able to say no without feeling guilty, because they know what they are saying yes to. The only way to say no to anything is to have a deeper, more important yes. You may think you could never say no and not feel guilty. That may be true in the beginning. But the first step is saying no, even if that means saying no and feeling guilty. Better to say no and feel guilty than to say yes to the wrong things. Emotionally people also understand that other people use guilt to get what they want because it works, and they take themselves out of those manipulations by saying no.

Emotionally people realize everyone is carry a heavy burden. They have large stores of empathy and give people the benefit of the doubt.

They know how to be alone. They enjoy their own company. They would rather be along than hang out with people who are a negative impact on their lives.

Emotionally healthy people make decisions based on values not feelings.

They walk away from toxic people.

They are comfortable with uncertainty. They would rather wait for the right answer than rush to the wrong conclusion for the sake of having false closure.

Matthew Kelly

Watch the video!

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