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It's Okay to Say No

We do, of course, live in a time that is marked by tremendous technological

advancement. Every time-saving device is available to us,

and still no one has time.

Each morning my assistant presents me with a list of things

that he thinks should be attended to that day. The list includes

phone calls to be made, letters to be written, meetings to attend,

and my travel schedule. On top of those things I need to set time

apart to pray, write, exercise, and stay in touch with family and

friends. Every day I go through the list and say to something, “I -

won’t have time to do that today.” In itself, that is fine. Nobody

can do everything. What is critical is what I decide to exclude and

why I decide to exclude it.

When was the last time you said, “I don’t have time!” either to

an idea in your mind or to a person? What was it that you didn’t

have time to do? For most people it is something like spending

time with the family or taking the time to look up an old friend and

make sure that life is not treating her too harshly. For others it is exercise

or that extra time it takes to eat properly. And at one point or

another, for all of us, it is prayer. Yet if God appeared to you right

now in a vision and told you that three weeks from today you

would be making the journey from this life to the next, would you

rush back to work to make your millions? Would you rush out to

the mall to make sure you had the right clothes to die in? No. Most

of us would spend time with family and friends and, in some way,

try to prepare ourselves for that journey to the next life.

We do not know how long our lives on this earth will last.

Some things are more important than others. Prayer, reflection,

meditation, and a life with rhythm remind us of this truth and

help us to remain focused on the things that are really important.

Matthew Kelly

From The Rhythm of Life

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