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It Starts with You (And Me)

The world as we know it today has been formed by the influence and effect of individuals, men and women just like ourselves. Similarly, our words and actions will form the world of tomorrow. When you begin to affect what you can affect, then you begin to have an effect. This may all sound very simple—and that’s because it is. If you want the world to change, you must do everything within your power to make those changes come about.

A wise man was once asked, “What do you think most needs to change in the world?” He replied, “I do.” Most people do not consider themselves perfect, yet even though we recognize our need to change and grow, we often do not take a single step toward doing so.

We are held back by our fear of the unknown. We are scared of what we might become if we change. Absurd as it may sound, we are scared of the very thing for which we were created: our fulfillment. We are cautious about abandoning what we do and what we have (even if these are self-destructive) because we have found in these things some sense of security. Sadly, however, these are also what hold us prisoner to our limitations.

Many of us are scared to dream for fear that we might be disappointed. It is like a young woman who prays and dreams every day for that special young man to come into her life; then when he finally does, she becomes hesitant and wary, sometimes to the point that this confuses him and he walks away. She has focused on the fact that one day he might leave. Sometimes we are too hesitant to let our dreams become realities. And what she has focused on comes true.

Matthew Kelly

From A Call to Joy

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