Amazing Possibilities!

Each day is filled with so many amazing opportunities to live, learn, and love. Most of the writing I do is long form. Books. But most of my ideas are short-form. They are not big enough ideas to justify a book, or even a chapter of a book. Besides a blog seems much more relational and fun. Hope you enjoy it and that you will share your favorite posts with your friends, colleagues at work, and your family. 

It Takes Courage

"Everything in life requires courage. Whether it is playing football, or coaching football; crossing the room to ask a woman out on a date, or rekindling a love that has grown cold; whether it's your first day at college, or your first day back at college after twenty years; starting a new business, battling a potentially fatal disease, getting married, struggling to overcome and addiction, or coming humbly before your God in prayer: life takes courage."

Matthew Kelly

From The Book of Courage Click Here to get your copy

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