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Just Be Yourself

Before the beginning of time, when you were just a dream, your

purpose had already been assigned by our loving God. Purposefully

created, and created for a purpose, you are here at this very moment

to become the-best-version-of-yourself—not to become some poor

imitation of your parents, your friends, your siblings, or your colleagues—

but to become perfectly yourself (cf. Psalm 139:13–18).

Life is not about doing and having; it is about becoming.

Could you have a better dream for your children than to want

them to become the-best-version-of-themselves? Could you have a

better dream for your spouse than to want him or her to become the best-

version-of-him-or-herself? It is the ultimate dream—and when

we turn our attention to living this dream, our lives are flooded with

energy, enthusiasm, passion, purpose, and a real and sustainable joy.

The dream is God-given. It is his dream for you. It is time to start

living the dream.

When we are healthy in a holistic sense, or in any one aspect of

our lives, we are driven by God’s dream for us to become the-best-version-

of-ourselves. Why are there so many products and programs

available that help people transform different areas of their lives? Because

there is an enormous demand for them. Marketers know that

people have this insatiable desire to improve themselves. This desire

is what drives us when we are healthiest. Unfortunately, so many of

these programs and products divorce themselves from God and in

doing so lose their connection with grace, and no great change happens

without grace.

When we are unhealthy, we tend to abandon our true selves, often

wishing we were more like someone else or that we were someone else

altogether. This is often most noticeable during adolescence, when

people grapple with identity issues. But many of us develop a permanent

contempt for ourselves (or for certain aspects of ourselves)

during this period of development. This contempt for self stifles our


Living the dream God has for you and striving to become all you

are capable of being is all you ever truly need to answer for. Our only

regrets come from abandoning our true selves. Are you celebrating

your true self, or are you still trying to be the person you think other

people want you to be—or the person you think other people will like?

Now is your time. There will never be a better time to begin. It

is time now to peel back the layers of conditioning and expectations

that have encrusted your heart and mind. It is time to become perfectly


Matthew Kelly

From Perfectly Yourself

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