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Learn to Say No

No is your friend when it comes to embracing simplicity. In fact, no is your friend when it comes to implementing most of the lessons on these pages are stirring within you. Most of us know we need to get better at saying no, so I am not going to wax lyrical on the subject. I will just say this one thing and invite you to reflect upon it: If you are not free to say no, you aren’t free to say yes.

Work on being free to say no and your yes will be more focused, meaningful, and powerful than ever before. What you say yes to determines everything. And if you don’t say no to the wrong things there will be no room in your life to say yes to the right things. We say we want to live more meaningful lives, but we keep saying yes to meaningless things. Start saying no to meaningless things and allow a life of meaning and fulfillment to emerge within and around you.

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