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Live with Passion and Purpose

If you ask parents if they want their children to grow up to live

passionate and purposeful lives they will say, “Absolutely!” But how many

parents are living passionate and purposeful lives? Not so

many. I am not talking about doing extraordinary things in

extraordinary ways. I am speaking of approaching ordinary

things with passion and purpose.

I don’t work hard because I will lose my job if I don’t, and

I don’t work hard because I get paid to. I work hard because

working hard and paying attention to the details of my work

helps me to become a-better-version-of-myself. In this way,

my work has a purpose way beyond money or advancement

or survival. When I approach my work in this way, and I

must admit I do not every day, but when I do I am living purposefully.

Nothing is more ordinary than work, but it can be

done purposefully.

Similarly, what are your passions? Are you passionate

about learning, music, art, travel, science, investing? Have

you allowed your parenting and career to crowd out your

passions? When our children see us pursuing and enjoying

our passions, they begin to consider what they themselves are

passionate about—and through their passions, one of life’s

great adventures begins.

Living passionately and purposefully is one of the greatest

gifts parents can give their children.

Matthew Kelly

From Building Better Families

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