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Perfectly Imperfect

Sooner or later most of us arrive at a time in our lives where we

say to ourselves, Something is wrong. It happens to some people

when they are very young and to others when they are much

older. Different circumstances awaken this sense in different people,

but it usually is not about the circumstances. The circumstances

simply shine a light on it, but they themselves are just

symptoms. The circumstances are external, but the disease is


What we are really saying is, This is not who I am or This is not

who I want to be or This is not who I was born to become or I don’t

feel like myself or I don’t feel comfortable with myself or Who am I,

and what am I here for? or I don’t like who I’ve become or What is

life really all about—because if this is all there is . . .

These are all good and valid thoughts and questions.

Sometimes when you get the feeling that something is wrong,

you are mistaken. Something is actually right. Very right. Normal

and healthy. This moment of realizing that something is wrong is

part of the process of maturing into a healthy adult human being.

These questions are great questions. Something would be wrong if

you never had the courage to ask questions like these.

At these moments of enormous doubt and perplexity, you are

waking up. Don’t go back to sleep. Don’t let someone tell you to

just go back to sleep. Embrace this moment. It is the beginning of

wonderful new things for you.

Matthew Kelly

From Perfectly Yourself

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