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Steve Jobs Tells 14 Year Old to Go Change The World

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Last week an Apple II computer manual signed by Steve Jobs sold at auction for $787,487. It was addressed to Julian Brewer, who was 14 years old and writing code for games on his Apple computer when Steve Jobs showed up at his house one day. Julian asked Jobs to sign the manual and it has become one of the rarest autographs in history. But it was the message that Jobs included with his signature that made it truly rare.

Jobs didn’t sign autographs. There are very few examples. When people asked for his autograph he would say, “I feel weird doing that” or “Everything at Apple is a group effort” or simply “I don’t do autographs.”

The message Steve Jobs inscribed on Julian Brewers computer manual reads: “Your generation is the first to grow up with computers. Go change the world!”

That was written in 1980 and over the past 40 years computers certainly have changed our lives and the world.

Now the world needs changing again… but we don’t need computers to change the world now. In fact, the kind of change the world needs now will not be driven by technology of any type.

The future will be profoundly human or not at all. It is our humanity that will change the world next: our generosity, our compassion, our love, patience, discipline, gentleness, forgiveness and friendship.

If we do not learn to ennoble each other there will be no future. So, get in touch with the best parts of your humanity – and as the man who gave us the Apple computer, the iPod, and the iPhone wrote all those years ago, “Go out and change the world!

Matthew Kelly

Watch the video!

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