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The 7 Laws of Money

There is wisdom to be gained in every area of life. Do you have more money wisdom today than you did a year ago?

Money plays a central role in our lives, yet we teach our young people so little about it, and most people never seriously apply themselves to learning about money. So, most people’s personal finances are a mess, and tragically, more than 35% of people who get divorced say they ended their marriage over disagreements about money.

Here are the seven laws of money.

1. Save part of everything you earn

2. Spend less than you earn

3. Invest wisely

4. Protect your assets from risk

5. Own your own home

6. Avoid unnecessary debt

7. Improve your ability to earn.

These laws have not changed in thousands of years. Commit yourself to them and they will lead you to financial health and allow you to be generous with those you love and those in need.

Matthew Kelly

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