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The Most Generous People You Know

Who is the most generous person you know? Ask someone this question and you will more than likely hear an inspiring story.

Everywhere we turn there is generosity. The daily generosity of parents and the sacrifices they make for their children; the courageous generosity of all those who serve in the military; the generosity of leaders and neighbors and strangers; and humanity’s constant efforts to relieve the suffering of the poor and the marginalized. And still, it is so easy for us to selfishly focus on ourselves. But with every passing day, God is gently inviting us to live more generously, calling us to switch the focus off ourselves and onto others.

Gratitude is a sure path to generosity. The more we are mindful of how much we have received, the more we are inclined to look for opportunities to give.

We are not called to give begrudgingly. It is not even a willingness to do good that God calls us to. Far above these, when we are at our best as human beings, we are filled with an eagerness to do good, an eagerness to give generously, and an eagerness to help our brothers and sisters regardless of what ocean or idea separates us.

May God bless us all with an eagerness to live generously.

Now, here is today’s generosity habit.

Become someone’s generosity story. Everyone has a story about the most generous person they know, and if you dedicate yourself to a life of generosity, one day you will be someone’s generosity story. They will say, “Let me tell you about the most generous person I know…” and then they will talk about you. And your generosity will inspire people in other places and in other times.

Matthew Kelly

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