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The mystery of you

Are you ready for your new path? Maybe you are and maybe you’re not. Perhaps you know what it is or perhaps the path forward has not become clear yet. Whatever path you are called to follow, whatever it is you feel called to do and become, the secret to success is diving deep into the mystery of you.

For thousands of years, humanity has been obsessed with traveling to every corner of the earth, exploring every wonder imaginable, and yet we continue to ignore, even neglect, the wonder of self.

You experience everything through the mystery of self. Everything. Not some things or most things, everything! Your capacity to experience anything in life depends on how well you know your self and how much you are flourishing.

When you are flourishing you have more energy, and the more energy you have the more your capacity for life expands. Yes, capacity for life. That’s not a small thing. Lots of people are alive, but each person’s capacity for life varies. There are many things that determine our capacity for life: education, emotional intelligence, supportive family and friends, and invigorating activities, to name a few. But primary to all these is energy. Your capacity for life literally expands or contracts according to how much energy you have on any given day and in any given moment.

When was the last time you had the opportunity to do something but you simply didn’t have the energy? It could have been going for a bike ride with friends or patiently explaining something to your child. But you didn’t have the energy. So, you took a pass on the bike ride, and rather than teach your child how to do something, you just did it for her.

What just happened? You experienced your capacity for life being limited by your lack of energy.

It’s time to flourish and in order to do that you need to investigate the mystery of you. Explore yourself bravely. Dive deep into your personal mystery.

Through this expedition you will rediscover the joy of living, the value of difficulties, the inexplicability of pain and suffering, the indispensability of love, unexpected and undeserved happiness, and the God in whom we live and move and have our being. Having rediscovered all of this, you will return to the routines and rituals of daily life with rare clarity and renewed enthusiasm.

You are a mystery worth exploring.

It always surprises me that people will travel great distances to see the wonders of this world, while all the time, the marvel of self goes unnoticed, unappreciated, unexplored, and undeveloped. It’s time to change that.

Matthew Kelly

From Life is Messy

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