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This One Habit is Ruining Your Life!

Is it possible that you are doing one thing that is ruining your life? It is, but most of the time we don’t see it. Do you think you know the habit that is ruining your life? Give most people a dozen guesses, and they won’t get it.

To illustrate the point, let me ask you two questions.

1. If your toilet wouldn’t flush would you leave it that way for months or even years?

2. If the sewer pipe broke in your neighborhood, would you let your children play in the waste?

The questions seem ridiculous, I know. But most of us play in the sewer waste at least ten times a day. What am I talking about? Well, we go around taking note of everything that is negative, bad, and wrong with everyone and everything, including ourselves. That’s like not flushing the toilet. It’s like playing in the sewer. And it is ruining our lives.

Matthew Kelly

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