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Unchanging Values and Principles

Continuous change is now an accepted part of life and business.

The waves of change are constantly crashing on the shore

of our lives, but it is a well-defined value structure that allows

us to thrive in the midst of the change. It is the unchanging

that allows us to make sense of the change.

For more than two hundred years America has thrived

as a nation in the midst of very different situations and circumstances.

How does the United States survive amid the

constant change that surrounds her and is within her? The

Constitution. When America has a crisis we can look to the

Constitution for guidance. When America has an opportunity

we can look to the Constitution for direction. In over two

hundred years there have been just twenty-seven

amendments to this incredible document. If you wrote a mission statement

today, you might make twenty-sixamendments in the next couple

of months. The enduring power of this document comes from

the parts of it that are unchanging, and the idea of it that is unchanging.

As individuals we need this unchanging direction also. We

discussed earlier that the common unchanging purpose of our

lives is to become the-best-version-of-ourselves. In moments

of decision, in a crisis, or when presented with an incredible

opportunity, you are able to look to this unchanging purpose

and ask, “How will this help me to become, or hinder me from

becoming, the-best-version-of-myself?

A defined set of values (or priority list) is a way to deepen

and strengthen what is unchanging in our lives. Tom uses his

priority list in times of decision because they shine the unchanging

light of his priorities on situations that are constantly

changing. In the same way, if you take the time to develop

your priority list as directed in chapter 5, this list will become

a valuable and practical tool in your decision-making

process. Let’s face it, life is all about choices. We are constantly making

choices, but what are we basing our choices on?

We all need some unchanging values and principles to guide

us. We live in a world of rapid and continuous change. Such

change can be disorienting. The only way to thrive in an environment

of change is to know which values are non-negotiable for you.

Matthew Kelly

From Off Balance

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