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We All Need Heroes... Your Children Do Too

Children need heroes and mentors. The best way to encourage

them in the direction of great heroes and mentors is

to have great ones yourself. We are all fascinated with the

stories of other men and women who have done extraordinary

things with their lives, or ordinary things in an extraordinary

way or with extraordinary love. Be careful who you

look up to and champion, your children are paying attention.

You may be able to distinguish between the incredible musical

genius of your favorite artist and his questionable lifestyle

of sex, drugs, and alcohol... but chances are your children

don’t or can’t make the distinction. You walk into the bedrooms

of most adolescents and see the posters they have

hanging on their walls, and you know they are becoming like

the people on the posters... and that is frightening.

We all need heroes. Who are yours? Do you want your

children to grow up to be like them? If not, it might be time

to find some new heroes. Celebrate who and what you want

your children to grow to be and become. We become what

we celebrate.

Matthew Kelly

From Building Better Families

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