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Who Would Hide You?

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How do you measure your life? It’s good to weigh our lives from time to time. It ensures we are not wasting our one short life. But there are so many ways to measure a life: success, family and relationships, career, money, status, stuff, education, popularity, integrity, happiness, adventure, health.

What measuring stick do you use to assess your life? Here’s a perspective I had never considered.

A Polish Holocaust survivor once told Warren Buffet, ‘’Warren, I’m very slow to make friends, because when I look at people, the question I ask is: Would they hide me?’’

There is no perfect way to measure our lives. But these two questions are worth considering:

If you were in trouble, being hunted unjustly, how many people do you know who would risk their lives to hide you? And the second question, how many people would you be willing to hide?

Matthew Kelly

Watch the video!

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