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You Need A Day Off

The question becomes: Are you prepared to give your health and

happiness priority over your bank balance and your toy collection?

The rhythm of life should be a priority in our lives. The seventh

day as a day of rest is a very powerful tool in creating and maintaining

the rhythm of life. Acknowledge the wisdom behind the

Sabbath tradition. Use this day. Accept this gift. Allow this day of

rest to regulate your week, to provide a macrorhythm for your life.

Do you ever feel that you just need a day off? A day to relax, to be

with family and friends, to do nothing at all, a day to take it easy?

Embrace the seventh day. Allow yourself to be renewed and refreshed.

For thousands of years, wise men and women of every culture

have been tapping the power of the Sabbath, in one form or

another, to maintain rhythm in their lives. From this rest and reflection

of the seventh day, we emerge with a keen sense of what

our priorities are and return to our work and to the world rooted

once again in our life principles.

Matthew Kelly

From The Rhythm of Life

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