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1,057 Holy Moments

Joan Binzer worked at a greeting card company. Less than three miles from the company was a prison with four hundred male occupants, the worst of the worst offenders. Joan had worked at the greeting card company for thirteen years, and almost every morning as she drove past the prison on the way to work, she wondered about the prisoners and what had gone wrong.

As a mother, she couldn’t help but think how hard it must be for their mothers. As May came around that year, Joan had an idea. She went to her boss and said, “What if for our community service project this quarter, we take some Mother’s Day cards and stamps over the prison for the prisoners to send to their moms?” Joan’s boss said he would check with the prison and get back to her. The following week he told Joan the prison warden was very appreciative and supportive. The next week, Joan and nine of her colleagues went over to the prison with two hundred Mother’s Day cards, thinking that not all the prisoners would necessarily want to participate. It quickly became apparent that her assumption was completely wrong.

Before Joan had helped a dozen prisoners pick a card for their mothers, she had been asked seven times, “Would it be OK if I took two?” Joan finally worked up the nerve to ask one of the prisoners, “What is your name, sir?” “Jimmy Johnson, ma’am!” he replied. “Why do you want two, Jimmy?” Joan asked. “Well, my mom did the best she could but she had her own problems, and so I was mostly raised by my grandmother. So, I was thinking if it was OK with you good people, I would send one to my grandmother too!”

Joan had to use all her strength not to burst into tears. There were four hundred inmates in the prison that day, and every single one wrote a Mother’s Day card. That’s four hundred Holy Moments. In fact, Joan and her company ended up mailing 657 Mother’s Day cards for the inmates. That’s 1,057 Holy Moments. Matthew Kelly

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