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10 Things You Should Never Say / From the Desk of Matthew Kelly

If you are wondering what I’ll be doing today, we will be having our annual Christmas photo. Above is an unpublished version of last’s years photo. Here’s some inspiration for your weekend: 1. 10 Things You Should NEVER SAY to ANYONE! 2. What does GOD do BEST? 3. “The faith I love the most, says God, is hope.” Hope is the most Christian virtue of all. The main characteristic of our lives as Christians should be that we always look at things with hope. – Fr. Jacques Philippe, from Beautiful Hope. Get your Free copy today! 4. JESUS loves UNITY. This Sunday’s Gospel Reflection. 5. **CASTING CALL** Want to play a key role in my upcoming virtual event, [reclaim!]? Submit a video of you asking your question to! 6. What GREAT HABIT will help you become a SAINT? Watch the video and share it with the children in your life. 7. DETOX EMOTIONALLY! Have a great weekend. I will leave you with a quite from Life is Messy. "In order to see and value the humanity of another person we have to be able to see and value our own humanity. Learning to accept that we are wounded and broken is essential to the process of rehumanization. Discovering your own brokenness and realizing that you can be put back together and healed to become more beautiful and more lovable than ever before is the summit of rehumanization." m. PS – The True Test of Friendship! Did you miss this? PPS – If you are wondering what I am doing on YOUTUBE, learn more here. PPPS – If you missed the last edition, click here. PPPPS - Click here to get an excerpt from LIFE IS MESSY!

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Matthew Kelly is a New York Times Bestselling author, spiritual leader, entrepreneur, and thought leader. Check out his blog, Amazing Possibilities.



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