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3 Biggest Mistakes of a Mid-Life Crisis

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The first lesson that we learn during mid-life is that life is messy. Then the question becomes, what to do with the mess. Three of the biggest mistakes people make when they are having a mid-life crisis are…

1. The most common mistake people make during a mid-life crisis is to pretend that life is not messy and they are not experiencing whatever turmoil is being stirred up deep within them.

2. The next mistake people make during mid-life is to say to themselves, “Well, things are already a mess, I might as well make some more mess and the types of mess I have always fantasized about.”

3. The third mistake people make is trying to run away from the mess or exile the mess. They get new friends, a new job, and new stuff. They tell themselves they are starting a whole new life, free from all the mess of their past. They forget the inescapable mess that is within. It is their mess and will have to be confronted eventually.

Whatever your mess is, best to face it head on. Some of it can and should be cleaned up. Some of it can and should be accepted. All of it will help you discover who you really are and what is possible during the next season in your life.

Are you having a mid-life crisis or a mid-life opportunity? You get to decide.

In part four of this series we will The Best Ways to Deal with a Mid-Life Crisis.

Matthew Kelly

Watch the video!

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