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Emotional Desires

People will go to extraordinary lengths attempting to fulfill their emotional desires. In the emotional realm, to have a need and desire fulfilled today, we had to start preparing for that months or years ago. It’s an idea that many struggle to come to grips with in a society where instant gratification isn’t fast enough.

Physically, if you discover your deepest desire is for health and well- being, all you have to do is start exercising and adopt a balanced diet. Intellectually, if you discover your deepest desire is for greater wisdom about yourself and your purpose in life, all you have to do is set some time aside and begin to read and study the wisdom writings. Spiritually, if you discover your deepest need is for simplicity, all you have to do is have a spring- cleaning session and get rid of all the excess material possessions that clutter your wardrobe, garage, and basement and learn to say no to some of the many things that distract you from your essential purpose.

Each of these will deliver a relatively immediate satisfaction of your desire and fulfillment of your need. But if you discover today that emotionally your deepest desire is for intimacy, unless you have previously invested in this area of your life, it could take weeks, months, and even years before you begin to see the fulfillment of your need and the satisfaction of your desire.

It is in the emotional realm that we are reminded more than ever that we are not independent. We are interdependent. We rely on one another for the fulfillment of our legitimate needs and the satisfaction of our deepest desire. Life is not simply about the selfish pursuit of the-best-version-of-ourselves. Rather, the more we contribute to helping others become the-best-version-of-themselves, the more progress we make in the attainment of our essential purpose. Matthew Kelly From The Rhythm of Life Click Here To Get Your Copy!

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