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Every Day Is Your First Something

I recently spent a couple of days with friends in Atlanta who have

a three-month-old daughter, their first child. My visit coincided

with the Super Bowl, and I remarked that this would be Brooke’s

first Super Bowl. Her father, Nick, replied, “Every day is her first


In children, we celebrate progress. We applaud them, hug

them, kiss them, congratulate them, and reward them for the tiniest

advances. This atmosphere of encouragement plays a huge role

in the rapid progress children make in the early months and years

of their lives.

Just because we are adults, we shouldn’t stop celebrating progress. Progress is a reward in itself. I am happier when I am making

progress. See if the same isn’t true for you. Observe yourself. Study

the areas that you are making progress in. Look back at times in

your life when you have made progress in an area of your life. How

did you feel about yourself, about life, and about your future?

Matthew Kelly

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