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Amazing Possibilities!

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Are You Your Own Worst Enemy? - From the Desk of Matthew Kelly

From the Desk of Matthew Kelly

This week… The #1 Thing I Want for My Kids at School (And YOU Should Too)! 6 Simple Ways to BREAK Through Resistance and ACHIEVE Your Dreams! Myth-Busting Multi-Tasking: Reclaim Your Sanity! How to Know if Someone LOVES You. And a chance to start a Holy Moments movement in your circle of influence! All that and more to inspire you this week!

2. The #1 Thing I Want for My Kids at School (And YOU Should Too)!

3. Multi-Tasking Is the ENEMY of Sanity, and a COMPLETE Myth!

4. How to Know if Someone LOVES You - This Week’s GOSPEL Reflection.

5. Need more Holy Moments? Click here to get six FREE copies to share with family and friends!

6. Go on a pilgrimage to Italy, home to one of the oldest and richest faith traditions anywhere in the world! Visit St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, the hometown of St. Francis, and more!

“Our lives change when our habits change. It is true that if you tell me what your habits are today, I can tell you what your future looks like. If you tell me what new habits you are going to put into place this year, I can tell you how your life will be different this year from what it was last year.” - The Rhythm of Life

Have a great week!


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Matthew Kelly is a New York Times Bestselling author, spiritual leader, entrepreneur, and thought leader. Check out his blog, Amazing Possibilities.




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