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How Does God See Your Brokenness?

Jack Beers:

““Can something, or someone become more beautiful and more lovable after it's been broken". You do this really interesting thing that has been in my mind since I read the book. Which is you invite the reader to pause and put on the mind of God and say, "How might God answer that question?””

Matthew Kelly:

“Yeah. I think, the concept at the heart of all authentic spirituality, at the heart of all genuine mysticism is that, we seek this union with God. And one of the ways to seek that union with God is to ask ourselves, how would God look at this situation? How would God look at this person? And ultimately, how does God look at me? If we don't do that, we will inevitably create God in our own image. And that is a very, very dangerous path to get down, and many people get down that path, right?

If God loves everyone, you love and God hates everyone, you hate. Who you're talking to is not God. And if God agrees with all of your opinions, who you're talking to is not God. This idea of creating God in our image, it's a trap we all fall into, at different times. I think it is inevitable. And how is the way out of it? Is to put on the mind of God? When we read the scriptures, what are we really trying to do? What's really happening is we're getting insight into the mind of God. We're getting, God's ways are not man's ways. All right.

What are God's ways? Well, let's look at the scriptures. Let's look at how he has acted in history. Let's look at how he's acted in our own lives. And then let's learn in everyday situations, not just at church on Sunday, to put on the mind of God. When we want to lose our temper, when we don't know what to do to put on the mind of God and say, all right, how would God see this? How would God respond to this? And to allow that to guide us.”

Matthew Kelly

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